Thursday, June 13, 2013

Get To Know: Lindsay Williams

[Photo Credit: Cedric Smith of You're Welcome Savannah]
Owner of one of Savannah's hottest graphic design companies, Blank Canvas Graphics, Lindsay Williams is beyond creative. With quirky stationery that reads, "You are the Cup to my Cake"...and "You Look So Skinny"...Lindsay, like Girls' Hannah Horvath, is truly one of the funnier voices of her/our generation. Check out her great stationery, read her awesome answers below, and get to know a little bit about the hilarious and talented, Lindsay Williams!

Owner, Blank Canvas Graphics
Designer, Do-It-Yourself-er

CLUTTER FURNISHINGS AND INTERIORS: How old were you when you got the “creative bug”?
LINDSAY WILLIAMS:  I always knew I had the bug in me (my mom was worried about how I’d turn out due to my unique outfit choices growing up), but it wasn’t until after college that I actually knew I wanted to do graphic design.

CF&I: What was the first thing you remember designing?
LW: Oh man … I should know this, but I believe it was a self-portrait project in school. I turned all these great photos & images into a “Polaroid” collage. Way before the Instagram world, too!

CF&I: What did it feel like the first time you sold something you had personally created?
LW:  It was unreal! I still get the same feeling sometimes, too. The “I can’t believe someone actually likes my work” feeling.  I design from my heart, so it’s really awesome to see that there are people who love the things I create as much as I do. And it still blows my mind every time I see a logo I created in use out-and-about! But it’s also why I design more fun and sassy stationery. Because if you can’t smile and poke fun, then what’s the point of it all?!

CF&I: When did you realize you were a professional Do-It-Yourself-er?
LW:  HA! Professional to me is so funny, I just learn as I go like the rest of ‘em! I started out DIYing to make my life surroundings prettier and less “textbook” looking (if that makes any sense). I’m always DIYing something, so trying out new techniques and coming up with something fresh that hasn’t been on Pinterest 10000 times is a fun challenge. But it also inspires me to get more creative. To dig a little deeper.

CF&I: What has been your favorite DIY project?
LW:  Oh by far my very first Cocktails &Crafting DIY session with You’re Welcome Savannah! I’m OBSESSED with animal silhouettes and brining unexpected colors to regular household items (most of them thrifted!), so creating a fun plate to hang on a wall was the perfect marriage. And of course, teaming up with Autumn VanGunten and Cedric Smith … what more could I ask for? They are a dream team of inspiration and bring so much to Savannah (and me)!

CF&I: What is your guilty pleasure?
LW:  Hands down it’s gummy bears and a giant fountain Diet Coke w/ a cherry coke topper that my friend showed me – it’s life changing. Oh, and I guess I should mention a Bravo TV marathon!

CF&I: What has been your favorite Craigslist Missed Connection of all time?
LW:  That’s so tough!! The best one so far this year is from a guy wanting to be a “baby daddy” to a woman he saw in Walmart with a child. He wrote that he could “be that baby daddy for her” since she wasn’t wearing a wedding band! It is insanely entertaining what people will write (and assume)!

CF&I: Describe Blank Canvas Graphics in five words.
LW:  Heartfelt. Fun. Passionate. Thoughtful. Sassy!

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