Sunday, June 23, 2013

Color Coded: Emerald Green

Design Pin-spiration.
We are full-on obsessed with Emerald Green. Whether you're bringing it into a space with paint as the base of your room or in throw pillows / accessories, emerald green is a super luxe, high end tone that really matures any room. Check out some Design Pinspiration (from Pinterest...get it) and other fun ideas to bring emerald into your world.
Glass Jug Table Lamp - West Elm. ($169)
Emerald Green Garden Seat - Horchow. ($495)
Suzani Vine Grasshopper - ($7.48/yd.) 
Vintage French Dresser - Clutter. ($795)
For more design inspiration (and Pinspiration)...check us out on Pinterest! We have a board devoted to every room!

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