Sunday, June 30, 2013

Clutter Book Club: V

We're reading Thomas Pynchon's classic (and debut) novel this week! The infamously reclusive author is one of our faves and this work is a tour de force.  Did you know....he's appeared in two episodes of The Simpsons?!

  • “Life's single lesson: that there is more accident to it than a man can ever admit to in a lifetime and stay sane.”
  • “To have humanism we must first be convinced of our humanity. As we move further into decadence this becomes more difficult.”  
  • “He decided that we suffer from great temporal homesickness for the decade we were born in.”  
  • “Love with your mouth shut, help without breaking your ass or publicizing it: keep cool, but care.”  
  • “I am the twentieth century. I am the ragtime and the tango; sans-serif, clean geometry. I am the virgin's-hair whip and the cunningly detailed shackles of decadent passion. I am every lonely railway station in every capital of Europe. I am the Street, the fanciless buildings of government. the cafe-dansant, the clockwork figure, the jazz saxophone, the tourist-lady's hairpiece, the fairy's rubber breasts, the travelling clock which always tells the wrong time and chimes in different keys."

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