Monday, May 13, 2013

Obsessions of the Week: 12MAY to 18MAY13

Some things we're obsessed with this week:
  • we get what all the fuss was about. Pictures, washes, low lights, high lights...we are digging Instagram hardcore this week. Bottom line up front: you will probably get annoyed with our over-eagerness this week on our new favorite social medium.
  • shopSCAD on Instagram. Holy cow! We love this store. The art is off the chains and the pictures of the art are even more bananas. We love Instagram so much this week that it got TWO obsessions!
  • Getting F-I-T! Whether you're on the Paleo diet or you're doing a ballet workout, getting fit makes the whole rest of the day a little brighter! We are obsessed with pinning workout/get fit ideas on Pinterest (@Brookdalyn or @ClutterSavannah) we just have to get around to getting obsessed about ACTUALLY doing the workouts!
  • "Modern Vampires of the City". Vampire Weekend's new album comes out this week and we got an awesome sneak peak of their forthcoming sound on this weekend's SNL with host, Kristen Wiig. They combine their usual sound with a little funk, a little gospel, and maybe a little rockabilly for what looks to be and awesome new album!!

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