Monday, April 29, 2013

Styled By Lynn: Red

I got to thinking about color today and why I am starting to revisit the color red.  At sometime during the 90’s, red was certainly a popular choice for home décor and then we got interested in the grays, whites and all other “neutral” colors that make us feel calm, cool and collected…I still enjoy the grays and whites, which most of my home is “enjoying” right now, but a few pieces have come into Clutter that are red and have caught my eye. Now I don’t mean red in a patriotic hue but more of a black, passionate and just screams “take me serious”.  While I think every room could benefit from a little black, I also think every room might just benefit from a little red…..Chinese red with a bit of orange or umber….just enough to be sexy and serious. 
So....start thinking about color...a particular color that you might have overlooked because magazines are focusing on them or all your friends aren't using it in their what you love and I bet if you inject a little red, you might just create your own following.
Styled By, Lynn

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