Monday, April 22, 2013

Obsessions of the Week: 21APR to 27APR13

On a weekly basis we are passionately obsessed with about ten things.  And then, for good or bad, we generally move on.  So we thought we'd capture some of our obsessions before we ADHD them to the curb.  Here are our Obsessions of the Week (OOTW) for 042113 to 042713:
  • Green Walls. Such a creative way to bring the outside in or keep the outside out and jazz up the side of your home/building.  Love it for Earth Day and will be doing this when we own a huge house ideally on York St. in our dreams!
  • Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 5 Teaser. Come on. COME ON! We are so excited about RHONJ and there were laser beams and lightning bolts AND no new housewives. 
  • This tweet from Jenni Pulos!
  • Michelle Armas. Just digging hard on the original paintings by Michelle.  Love this article from Design Sponge on her, too!
  • You're Welcome Savannah's coverage of my mom and dad's house.  It's an old post, but I've been looking back and it's so funny how much my mom changes her house. It's literally on a weekly basis. Cedric's images are so good and they capture my mom's spirit and my dad's hard work in moving the furniture around (!).
  • Blogging.  I think we got in a little bit of a groove here at Clutter (the Blog).  Just loving sharing what we love and finding another creative outlet.  #BlogginDirty.

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